Instant card issuance

Manage physical and virtual credit & debit cards


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Powered by MoiPayWay

A complete card-issuing solution for your business. MoiPayWay API for physical or virtual card issuance is provided to support numerous use cases to allow global demand.

MoiPayWay's partnership with financial institutions makes it easy for you to issue cards with our card issuance suite with compliance procedures in place.

Create & Issue feature-rich customizable cards that suite your needs.

MoiPayWay card management system efficiently allows you to create and issue credit, debit, voucher or a unified card that works anyway.

Either you are a FinTech, Government Organisation, School, NGOs or SMEs, with MoiPayWay API driven card system you have access to secure customable card system.

Paving the way for financial and non-financial technology solutions

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