Enhancing Security: Standard Secure Identification Verification

Easily Verify Various Information:

  • Phone number
  • Biometric data
  • Bank account
  • Facial recognition
  • Company details
  • Government-issued IDs

Access and Retrieve High-Quality Reports in Various Areas.

Why Choose MoiPayWay?

We understand the importance of ensuring the identity and legitimacy of our users. Therefore, our platform offers multiple layers of verification, including:

    1. Standard Secure Identification: Utilizing industry-standard protocols to validate user identities, ensuring a high level of security and trustworthiness.

    2. Phone Number Verification: Confirming users’ phone numbers to prevent unauthorized access and enhance account security.

    3. Biometric Authentication: Implementing advanced biometric technologies for a robust and reliable identification process.

    4. Bank Account Verification: Verifying bank accounts to ensure seamless fund transfers and prevent fraudulent activities.

    5. Facial Recognition: Utilizing cutting-edge facial recognition algorithms to add an extra layer of security during the verification process.

    6. Company Details Validation (KYB) : Validating company information to ensure that corporate accounts are legitimate and trustworthy.

    7. Government-Issued IDs: Authenticating government-issued IDs to verify users’ identities and comply with regulatory standards.

Effortlessly conduct AML watchlist checks and verify government-issued IDs.

Obtain users’ status and data from banks or other financial institutions.

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